Jodie Noonan Smokey Hollow Testimonial

Jodie Noonan

I have been working with Mark and Karen since the idea of building a venue for weddings came to mind. They had hosted a few tented wedding for friends in the past few years and each were rained out. They then envisioned an enclosed venue with heat and air conditioning, that would be timeless. Once they constructed the barn style …

Lauryn Majchrzak Smokey Hollow Testimonial

Lauryn Majchrzak

This venue is seriously perfect. There is plenty of open-space (both inside and outside), and overall just a gorgeous piece of property. The barn has an elegant-rustic feel, but is so easy to customize into anything you want your event to feel like. Mark and Karen have put their trust into Jodi, and she makes it super easy when ready …

Brittany Droney Smokey Hollow Testimonial

Britanny Droney

This location is wonderful for a wedding. My first venue was double booked and Smokey Hollow came to the rescue and Jodie from Barefoot Bride is amazing! Her and her team get everything done and moving smoothly on your big day!!

Amanda Davidson Smokey Hollow Testimonial

Amanda Leigh Davidson

The Wedding Coordinator is amazing!!!! As a professional Wedding and Event Photographer this location is breath taking. It makes we want to re marry my husband!!!!

Luis Perez Smokey Hollow Testimonial

Luis Barbara Perez

It is by far the best venue to hold weddings and social events close to Bethany Fenwick Island and Ocean City Maryland and around the southern Delaware area. Highly recommended

Taylor Callahan Smokey Hollow Testimonial

Taylor Callahan

We couldn’t have chosen a more perfect venue to celebrate such a special time. Jodie and the team around Smokey Hollow worked with us to make sure everything went off without a hitch! Thank you for an amazing experience!